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How to make Coffee with Thermomix

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This coffee made here is using Thermomix, without using coffee machine.  You might be wondering where to buy good coffee beans.  I bought mine from Artisan Roasted Coffee. They offer the freshest possible coffee on the market.   Coffee made in the Thermomix by Janine Babauskis Ingredients (Per serve) 10g of... more

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Avocado Coffee Milkshake

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 12, 2014 | Category: Coffee, Juice

coffee avocado milkshake

Ingredients: 2 teaspoons instant espresso powder 2 cups milk 2 cups ice cubes 1 teaspoons sweetened condensed milk 1 fully ripened Avocado, halved, pitted and diced Preparation: In Thermomix blender, combine coffee, milk, ice cubes, condensed milk, dissolved coffee powder and avocado; blend until very smooth using speed 10 for 30s.... more

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Pumpkin soup: protect against cancer and other degenerative diseases

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 9, 2014 | Category: Soups

pumpkin soup

Did You Know… that pumpkin is one of the vegetables allowed during Atkins’ Induction phase? Did You Know…that pumpkin is chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants? Did You Know…that pie is not the only way to cook pumpkin?  Nutrition Tid Bits Pumpkin is nearly fat-free and quite low in calories. One... more

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Weight Loss Recipe: Stir-fry Mushrooms with Onions

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 9, 2014 | Category: Weight Loss 减肥

mushroom onion

People on diet are often very picky with food because they are concerned of the calories. But due to constant low-calorie diet, most of them end up with weak bodies and immune system. Are you worried about experiencing a decline in your health while dieting? Ms Wei Wei Chai will... more

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Introduction to Thermomix

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Ever since I started using Thermomix, I started to fall in love with cooking. Cooking become easier and less messy with Thermomix. It has helped me a lot in time saving. More importantly, I can cook healthier food using low temperature and preparing food from scratch using raw ingredients. The... more

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Green Weight Loss Smoothie

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How To Lower Your Uric Acid Naturally

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 7, 2014 | Category: Health Tips


Here are 3 simple tips on how to lower uric acid levels in the blood naturally… (1) Drink between 2 and 3 liters of water everyday. Drink small amounts regularly throughout the day. Water helps the kidneys to process and flush uric acid out of the body. (2) Consume a baking soda solution to... more

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Use Onion Juice To Treat Hair Loss & And Reversing Grey

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 7, 2014 | Category: Health Tips

onion for hair

Yes it is true onion juice can be used to treat hair fall and hair loss issues. In fact many hair tonics for hair loss & hair fall make a use of onion juice and it is clinically proven to work for hair loss. It kind of works as a... more

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Home Remedies For Cracked Heel

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Home Remedies for how to cure cracked heels: Here is our list of 10 simple home remedies that will help soothe and makeover your cracked heels, and let you step out in style. Read, on how to heal cracked heels for more! 1. Lemon, salt, glycerine, rose water foot mask:... more

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How to Wash Your Fruits & Veggies Naturally

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 6, 2014 | Category: Kitchen Tips

DIY fruit wash

As juicing and eating veggies have become one of the most important elements in my diet, making sure the fruits and veggies that I eat is free from pesticides is important for me. Many fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides to get rid of bugs.  Through my research, I found... more

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