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Chocolate Mousse

By: | 0 Comments | On: August 17, 2014 | Category: Desserts


This rich in chocolate mousse recipe is based on the version from the book ‘My Way of Cooking’. I am not really a chocolate lover, but did this for my girl who really like chocolate! Ingredients 100 g sugar 200 g dark chocolate cut into pieces 100 g cream, min... more

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Mango Durian Ice Cream

By: | 0 Comments | On: August 17, 2014 | Category: Desserts


    Ingredients 500 g mangos, cut into pieces, frozen 50 g durian, remove seed, frozen 500 g milk, frozen as ice cubes 50 g sweetened condensed milk 50 g cream   Instructions Place all ingredients into TM mixing bowl, mix 10 sec/ speed 6 with aid of spatula Then... more

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How to make Cempedak Pancake

By: | 0 Comments | On: August 9, 2014 | Category: Desserts, Others


Do you know that it is Cempadak season now? If you go along some kampung roads in Malaysia, you will find cempedak being sold at the roadside stores. You can even see some of the stores selling the mouth watering fried cempedak fruits! A relative brought me one nice Cempedak... more

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Sesame Paste Dessert / Ji Ma Hu

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 2, 2014 | Category: Desserts

black sesame

Sesame seeds nutrition facts One of the first oil seeds known to humankind, sesame seeds are used in culinary as well as in traditional medicines for their nutritive, preventive, and curative properties. Its oil seeds are sources for some phyto-nutrients such as omega-6 fatty acids, flavonoid phenolic anti-oxidants, vitamins and... more

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