Recipes From Cuisine: Chinese


Stir-fried pork with curry leaves 咖喱叶猪肉

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Curry leaves are natural flavouring agents which makes our food both healthy and tasty along ...

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Loh Hon Chai/ Luo Han Zhai/ Braised Mixed Vegetables

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Today, I learned something new from Jennifer Choong again! She was kind enough to share ...

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Char Siu | Chinese BBQ Pork 叉燒 (Thermomix Recipes)

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I have not been eating Char Siu for a long time… not that I don’t ...

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Homemade Yong Tau Foo

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Yong Tau Foo is one of my family’s favourite dishes. Whenever we like to eat ...

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Mash Potato

2-in-1 Meals: Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Tauhu

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I am quick busy today…. I purchased a pretty nice wordpress template comes with beautiful ...

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Vietnamese Style Grilled Five Spice Chicken


It may not be in my best interest to admit this, but here goes nothing: ...

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