Make Mantao/ Steamed Bun With Thermomix

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Mantao oval shape

Mantao is one of my favorite breakfast for my kids! Thermomix has made making mantao so easy and fun.. Recipe below is taken from Thermomix cookbook. You just need to follow the instruction, you will be able to make something nice and simple for your family! Best thing is you don’t need to add any preservative or softener!



120 g water

1 tsp yeast

15 g sugar (if you like it to be sweeter, you can put 20g of sugar)

15 g oil

250 medium protein flour

Pinch of Salt

600g water for steaming





Cover Time Temp (°C) Speed
1)  Add water, yeast, sugar and oil into TM bowl Yes 30sec 37 3
2)  Add flour and salt to mix Yes 20sec 3-6
3)  Knead the mixture Yes 2min Knead function
4)  Roll, cut and shape into pieces, place them on Varoma dish and tray.  Leave it to rise for 30 mins
5)  Add 600g water to boil Yes 17mins V 2
6)  When temperature reached V about 5 mins later, remove measuring cup and put on Varoma dish to steam Varoma dish with mantou Balance of at least 10 mins V 2
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