Braised Arrowhead with Pork Belly 芽菇焖花腩肉

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材料 Ingredients :
三层肉 Pork belly 。。。。300g
黑木耳 Edible fungus 。。。。20g (清水泡软 soak until soften)
冬菇 Mushroom 。。。。。6朵 (清水泡软 soak until soften)
芽菇 Arrowhead 。。。。。200g(削皮,切块状 Peeled, cubed)
南乳 Fermented soybean curd 。。。。。2块 cubes
姜蓉 Ginger paste 。。。。。1小匙 tsp
蒜蓉 Garlic paste 。。。。。1小匙 tsp
清水 Water 。。。。。250ml

调味料 Seasonings:
蚝油 Oyster sauce 。。。。。1大匙 tbsp
酱油 Soy sauce 。。。。。 ½ 大匙 tbsp
黑酱油 Dark soy sauce 。。。。 ½ 大匙 tbsp
绍兴酒 Shao Xing wine 。。。。1大匙 tbsp
冰糖 Rock sugar 。。。。。适量 right amount

做法 Method:
1. 把三层肉放入沸水中煮15分钟,取出,用水冲洗后,且厚块。
Cooked the pork belly for 15 minutes, take out and rinse with water, and then cut it into thick pieces.

2. 利用万能锅“蒸煮”功能,把时间调至45分钟,在锅里热1大匙油,爆香姜、蒜蓉和南乳,加入三层肉,冬菇,黑木耳兜炒片刻至香浓后,将清水以及调味料加入煮沸。
Use Smart Cooker “steam” function, set time to 45 minutes, add in 1 tbsp oil, fry the ginger, garlic and fermented soybean curd until fragrant, and then add in pork meat, mushroom and edible fungus fry awhile, then add in water and seasoning and boil.

3. 把芽菇加入拌炒均匀,盖上锅盖,焖煮45分钟至汁浓稠,即可。
Add the arrowhead at last, stir fry evenly, closed the lid, braised arrowhead with pork belly can be served after 45 minutes later.

Recipe by Buffalo HQ. Re-published with permission



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