Christmas Aromatic Grill Chicken Using Buffalo Airfryer

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Easy to cook Christmas Grill Chicken. Recipe is shared with permission from Buffalo Cookware.

材料 Ingredients: ( 2~3人份 persons )
鸡 Chicken …1只,約(about) 1.2kg~1.5kg
洋蔥 Onion ….. 大型 (big) 1个
紅萝卜 Carrot …. 1根
马鈴薯Potato …. 1~2个
柠檬 Lemon ….1个, 皮洗淨,塞入鸡腔用,可用切粗絲的洋蔥替代 (cleaned, will insert inside the chicken, or can be replaced by sliced onion)
粗鹽或一般的鹽 Coarse salt or salt……适量 appropriately
粗粒黑胡椒粉 Raw black pepper …..适量 appropriately
橄榄油 Olive oil …………..适量 appropriately
雞醃料 Marinade Chicken Sauce:
冷開水 Cool water …..500ml
盐 Salt …..2小匙 tsp
黑胡椒粉 Black pepper ……1/4小匙 tsp
柠檬 Lemon …….1/2个,皮洗淨 (cleaned)
※也可加入拍碎的蒜头 (smashed garlic can be added)
香草牛油 Herb Butter:
牛油 Butter …..60g
蒜末 Minced garlic …..2小匙 tsp
迷迭香碎 Chopped rosemary …..1大匙 tbsp,可用乾燥香料 (dried can be used)
百里香碎 Chopped thyme…..1大匙 tbsp,可用乾燥香料 (dried can be used)
※若不方便买到迷迭香與百里香,可简单的用蒜末與芫荽碎 (Rosemary and thyme can be replaced by minced garlic and chopped coriander)

做法 Method:
1. 將鸡醃料混合均勻 (柠檬挤完汁液后,將皮也放入醃料中,增加香氣),再將清洗乾淨的鸡浸泡於醃料中,密封好,放入冰箱冷藏24小時中途要翻動幾次,確保鸡的每一部位都能均勻入味;也可將醃料與雞用2層塑膠袋盛裝,然後擠出空氣,打結綁緊,这样整只鸡就能完全接觸到醃料。
Mix in all marinade chicken ingredients (lemon can be added into the marinade sauce after juice squeezed) and put the chicken in, after this seal nicely and put into fridge marinate for 24 hours, in between, turn the chicken to ensure each of the edge has equally marinated; or, marinate the chicken in double plastic bag, release the air inside the plastic bag and tied up, so that the chicken can be evenly marinated.
2. 醃24小時后,將鸡從醃汁中取出,用廚房紙巾將鸡內外的水份擦乾並幫鸡按摩幾下,使肉質放鬆。
Take out the marinated chicken after 24 hours, dry the chicken by a kitchen towel and slightly massage the chicken few times to soften their meat.
Take a lemon, roll on the table to soften it, use a fork to stab the lemon few times, after that insert into the chicken stomach or, lemon can be replaced by chopped onion (I do put both in), and seal the hole by toothpick.
To make the herb butter; add rosemary, thyme, garlic into the early melted butter and mix well. Stuffed herb butter in between chicken chest and skin, and also in between chicken thigh and skin, the balance herb butter apply on the skin of the whole chicken, and then spread some salt and pepper on, tie up chicken legs with a rope to fix it, set aside.
5.取气炸锅的不锈钢盘,放入切大塊的洋蔥、 紅蘿蔔、馬鈴薯继1大匙橄榄油稍微拌下,並洒适量的鹽與黑胡椒粉調味。
Pick the stainless steel plate, put in cut onions, carrots, potatoes and mix well with 1 tbsp olive oil, then spread on some salt and pepper for flavouring.
Put the chicken (method 4) on the mixture, place the whole plate into the air fryer, covering with wrapping coil, use 200 degree celcuis bake for 50 minutes, and then remove the wrapping coil and bake again for 30 minutes. Take it out from the air fryer, and it is ready to serve for about 15 minutes after.

Tools Needed

I use Buffalo Airfryer to ease up my work in the kitchen. You can click on the image below to find out more about this kitchen appliances!

Buffalo Airfryer:




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