Rose Mantao/Chinese Steamed Bun Recipe

  • Prep Time : 30m
  • Cook Time : 15m
  • Ready In : 5m

Hi Thermomix fans, if you have been making basic pao, you might like to turn your pao to some patterns. It would definitely ‘look’ more delicious and it is probably a great treat to friends who visit you at home.  Follow guides below to shape your mantao into rose shape. For those who like to find out ingredients and how to make mantao, click here.


Mantao Sweet Potato Rose1


You can use pumpkin, beetroots, purple sweet potato to act as natural colouring for your buns. The pao from the pictures above is made of pumpkin and sweet potato. Check out here to find out how to make the pumpkin dough here.

Once you have prepared the dough, follow the step below to form the shape.

1. Make small ball using the dough. The balls should be around 1.5cm in diameter. You dont want to make it too big as the dough will become bigger once it is fully proofed.



2. Flatten each of the ball using a roller to form round shape. You can use a small cup to cut out the round shape from the flatten ball. You can use fingers to press around the circle to create unevenness.




3. Stack 6 pieces of flatten ball as shown below.


4. Start rolling loosely from the bottom. You should not press the dough too hard so that your rose petal will not stick together too much.




5. Saw the roll with a chopstick till it break into 2. When you saw the dough, the bottom of the rose bud will become slightly round.

Rose6 Rose7

Here is the picture showing you how the rose would look like. You might spread out the petals using your fingers. However, this is optional.



Shaping the bun into rose would take time. So when mixing the dough, you might not like to use the temperature function using Thermomix. So the dough will slowly proof while you are shaping the rose buds.

Put some flour onto your map so that the dough will not stick on the map too much, easy for you to remove the dough/ flatten balls.

Make enough rose buds for first round of steam. Then continue to flatten enough balls and keep dough in the fridge to prevent over proofing while you form the rest of the rose buds.

Also, keep the formed rose buds in the fridge to prevent over proofing.

The rose buds below is a result of over proofing. It is harder when it is over proofed.

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