Salmon pasta with lemon cream sauce Buffalo Cookware Recipe 檸檬鲜奶油汁三文魚意大利面 Buffalo Cookware Recipe

  • Servings : 4 persons
  • Prep Time : 10m
  • Cook Time : 15m
  • Ready In : 0m



salmon pasta lemon cream sauce

Salmon pasta with lemon cream sauce

Feeling fresh with the lemon cream sauce, it can enhance the taste of salmon, it is also suitable for any type of pasta, make it more creative matching.

材料 Ingredients:

新鮮三文魚扒一塊、 任可類形的意大利粉一扎、小番茄 6粒(切半)、新鲜蘑菇5个(切片)。
1 pc fresh salmon, 1 bundle of pasta (any type), 6 cherry tomatoes (cut into half), 5 mushroom (sliced).

鲜奶油汁: 雞湯 半杯、蒜蓉兩茶匙、檸檬皮蓉(只黃色部分)2茶匙、鲜奶油(thickened or light cream)3湯匙、鹽 酌量、鮮蘑黑胡椒粉 少許、檸檬汁 1湯匙。
Cream sauce: half cup of chicken soup, 2 tsp minced garlic, 2 tsp shredded lemon skin (only need yellow part), 3 tbsp fresh milk cream (thickened or light cream), right amount of salt,

做法 Method:

1. 下少許橄欖油在燒熱的鑊中把三文魚兩面煎黃,用叉拆開成粗塊備用。
Pour some olive oil to the heating wok and fry the salmon fish until golden color, then split to small pieces and set aside.

2. 把意大利面用水煮至剛熟,倒去水份。
Soften the pasta in the boiling water, toss away water and leave pasta in the pot.

3. 在煎魚的原锅中,用中火爆香蒜蓉和小番茄及蘑菇。倒入雞湯和檸檬皮蓉,煮滾後加鲜奶油。
Using the same wok to fry the garlic, cherry tomato and mushroom until fragrant, and then add in chicken soup and lemon skin, when soup is boiling, add in fresh milk cream.

4. 撈起剛煮熟的意大利面,放入锅中與鲜奶油汁拌勻,倒入三文魚略炒。加鹽和胡椒粉調味。離火,加檸檬汁拌勻。上碟趁熱享用。
Add pasta into the milk cream sauce and mix well, and then add in salmon stir fry a while, seasoning with some salt and pepper and turn heat off, squeeze some lemon juice to the pasta and mix well before serve.salmon pasta lemon cream sauce



Cookware you need:

You can use various type of pans to prepare for this dish. I would recommend using stainless steel pan or pot for cooking due to safety reason.

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