Steamed Coffee Layer Cake

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This school holiday was a special ones for me. No.. I did not go travelling nor I went for a crazy shopping trip, but I got a chance to learn to make coffee layer cake from my friend – Christine Goh 🙂 We mommies must also go for enrichment class to enhance our knowledge, right? Besides the knowledge, there were so much fun for us mommies gathering around to share notes and fun!

Here is the recipe:


  • 25-27 pieces of crackers
  • 7 medium sized eggs
  • 230gm of icing sugar
  • 250gm of salted butter
  • 15gm of coffee oil

Christine recommends the following brands for crackers, butter and coffee oil. She also said it is ok to go for other brands. For me, I will sure follow her recommendation as the cake is just so delicious beyond my words to describe it 🙂





Place the crackers in a plastic bag and smash the crackers with a help of a hammer.



Place the crackers into a blender and smash it further. Repeat the process if you are using a small blender.




Ensure you smash all the crackers till something fine like this. Place the crackers aside.



Now place butter and icing sugar into a mixer.




Cream butter and sugar until light & fluffy.


Then place the crackers into the mixture and mix it lightly.


Divide the mixture into 2 portions (place in bowls separately).

Place the coffee oil into one of the portions











and mix it until the color is well blended into the mixture.


Now you have 2 bowls of mixture of different colors.


Now grease and lined a 7″ round pan. Preheat steamer.



Place first layer of the mixture.



Steam the mixture by covering the the sauce pan with a cover. It takes approximately 1 mins to steam each layer.




Ensure the cover is always dried up by wiping it with a clean cloth every time you steam the layer cakes.



Place another layer with different color when the first layer is steamed.



Repeat the same process above for the next few layers until you finish off the mixture.

Here is the yummy layer cake.

Coffee Layer Cake2

Hope you will give a try. Sharing is caring!




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