Thermomix @ TM5 Now Available In Malaysia

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I have been waiting for the arrival of Thermomix TM5. It is finally here in Malaysia on the 22 May 2015! Here is to give you a quick comparison between TM31 and TM5.


The main difference of TM5 compared to TM31 lies on the operating system. TM5 is based on touchscreen and comes with chip to store recipes, whereas TM31 is based on buttons. There is no changes on the main functions compared to TM31. Hence most of the recipes developed under TM31 can still be applied to TM5.  In addition to the innovative technological advancements, the new bowl has a larger 2.2 litre capacity and the Varoma is also larger at 3.3 litres.  The scales will weigh 5 gram increments from 0 to 3 kg and negative weight will also register.

Do find out more from demo or cooking classes. Just contact me at 012 6669892.

Here are some TM5 based recipes compiled from youtube. Have a look!

Pizza (Thermomix TM5) Recipe Italian Pizza

Sponge Cake Recipe


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