We turned German Sheep Cookies To Cat Cookies too!

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I came across few friends posted these famous German Sheep cookies in Facebook. So I decided to give it a try too.. I don’t have much experience making cookies, but found it surprising easy to make and to shape the cookies. My kids were creative and daring enough and turned the supposedly sheep into different animals.  I truly enjoyed the baking process together with my kids and I am sure I will do these cookies again not only for Chinese New Year but for casual tea time as well 🙂


♥250gm salted butter, soften

♥ 80gm sugar (adjust the sugar accordingly)

♥ 250gm potato flour, sifted

♥ 160gm superfine flour, sifted

♥ chocolate chips (for the ears)

♥ black sesame seeds (for the eyes)

♥ love heart and chips as decor


1) Put the butter & sugar in a mixing bowl, beat on medium speed until you have a fluffy & light mixture. I am using Thermomix, so I mix these ingredients using speed 3 for few seconds.

2) Stir in the superfine & potato flour. Mix the mixture into a soft dough. For Thermomix user, you can mix these at speed 3 for few seconds until you see soft dough if formed.

3) Roll the dough into a small ball. I did mine about 1.5 cm in diameter.


4) Stick on 2 black sesame seeds to form the eyes.



5) Roll the remaining dough into mini balls, place 2 of the mini balls on the center top of each ball.



6) Stick 2 chocolate chips on each side to form as the ears.


7) Lastly, place two love decor on the head. (optional)


This is other options of shaping a sheep 🙂


8)Pre-heat the oven to 150C. Bake in the pre-heated oven for 20 minutes.


Ta dah! Here are the cookies. We also did the cat shape.. Nice !?

cat cookies



Your Sheep German Cookies should look something like this before you bake them in the oven.

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