Vinegar Pig Trotter 猪脚醋

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This recipe is based on Pressure Cooker cooking method. Try it out using your pressure cooker. It will cut short the cooking time tremendously!

Vinegar Pig Trotter pressure cooker

材料 (Ingredients)
1只 猪前腿(猪手)- 斩件 (1 nos pork knuckle, cut into pieces)
500g 子姜 – 300g 切片,200g 拍扁 (500g young ginger, 300g cut into slice, the rest leave in piece)
适量 麻油 (Some sesame oil)
1条 辣椒干 (1 nos dried chilli)
400ml 黑醋 (400 ml black vineger)
400ml 甜醋 (400 ml sweet vineger)
2粒 椰糖 (2 nos gula Melaka)
12个 熟鸡蛋 (12 hardboiled eggs)

步骤 (Steps)
1. 煮一锅水,把猪手烫大概5分钟,捞起,沥干水分,备用。
Boil the pig trotter in a pot of hot water for 5 minutes, drain and set aside.

2. 把麻油倒入气压锅,开火,热油后,加入姜片和姜块炒香,再加入猪手,搅拌均匀,接着加入黑醋和甜醋,煮滚,最后加入椰糖和辣椒干。
Add sesame oil into the Pressure Cooker, turn on the Induction Cooker, stir fry ginger until fragrant, add in pig trotter, mix well, add in black vinegar and sweet vinegar, bring to boil then add in gula Melaka and dried chilli.
[Note: You may add in the hardboiled eggs together when you cook]

3. 盖上气压锅盖,煮至出气孔上升,气压锅发出连贯响亮的声音后,转小火,煮6分钟,熄火,等到出气孔完全下降后,才打开,加入熟鸡蛋,可以开火再煮滚,即可。
Cover with lid, when the pressure is full, you could hear a consistent sound of the exhaust gas from the regulator, use low heating and continue to cook for 6 minutes. Turn off the heat, wait until the regulator lower down, remove the lid, you may add in hardboiled egg and turn on the heat to cook for a while.

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